Conquering Cancers with AI

DeepRx is an AI company developing intelligent solutions to match each cancer patient with effective anticancer drugs. Our vision is to make cancer a manageable chronic disease by consistently treating a cancer patient with effective drugs during the course of the disease. 

We develop clinical decision support systems (CDS) in the following precision oncology domains:

Chemotherapy drugs  are the backbone of contemporary "standard-of-care" regimens for treating cancers.  Such regimens are usually not personalized  due to the lack of biomarkers and methods to guide their application.  Our AI methods can predict responses to common chemotherapy regimens currently used in treating different cancers.  Our recent work on predicting efficacy of oxaliplatin and bevacizumab in colon cancer provides a strong evidence that our AI method is clinically applicable and likely will change practice.  We believe that precision application of majority of chemotherapies can be achieved through AI, which would improve outcomes of the majority of cancer patients. 

Conventionally, application of molecularly targeted drugs is guided by mutation status of targeted genes.  We have developed AI solutions to infer the activation state of targeted pathways in cancer cells, which lead to improved accuracy for predicting sensitivities to molecularly targeted drugs.

Individual tumors exploit distinct immune evasion mechanisms.  We have developed an AI framework for modeling cell-cell communication within each tumor to gain insights of immune evasion mechanisms of individual tumors.  Such information is highly valuable in predicting responses to contemporary immune therapies and for drug discovery.