John Marous

Mr. Marous earned a BS (in EE) degree from Cornell University in 1981 and MS from Carnegie Mellon University in 1985. Mr. John Marous is a veteran entrepreneur with multiple successes in founding, developing, and selling startup companies.  He has extensive experience developing medical devices and securing FDA regulatory approval of products. He has led the development of new-start innovative technology businesses since 2002 as CEO of CarrierWeb, LLC (Atlanta, GA, 2003-2011) and CEO and Chairman of CardiacAsisst, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA 2011-2018). After achieving a very attractive exit of CardiacAssist, Mr. Marous got involved in several new technology companies, serving as Chairman of HeartIO, Inc.(Pittsburgh, PA - artificial intelligence in diagnosis of heart disease), Chairman of IACtEx, LLC (Buffalo, NY – dba Op-Smart), director and Chair of Clinical Committee of GID Bio, Inc. (Louisville, CO), director of Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA – artificial intelligence to detect stroke in situ during surgery).  Mr. Marous provides DeepRx advice on product development and FDA regulatory approval strategies/pathways.