Ning Li, PhD, EMBA

Dr. Li graduated from Tsinghua University of China with a BS in Sciences and Engineering in Material Sciences. She obtained an MS and PhD in Material Sciences from Rice University and an Executive MBA from The University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management.  

Dr. Li is an industry veteran with extensive experience in R&D research, product management, and corporation leadership.  Particularly, she co-founded Pentuum Inc, a world-leading artificial intelligence/machine learning platform company in Pittsburgh.  As SVP in the Operation of Pentuum, Dr. Li has successfully raised $108 million with prestigious investors, including SoftBank and Tencent. Currently, Dr. Li is the Director of Global Innovation in establishing Digital Surgery and AI Strategy at Genesis Medtch Inc.

  Dr. Li is a Venture Partner of Foothill Ventures, which specializes in supporting early startups. As an entrepreneur advisor of DeepRx, Dr. Li is committed to helping DeepRx raise funds, guiding product development strategies, and providing entrepreneurship advice.